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Usha Pandit is an author, academic consultant specializing in curriculum development, gifted education expert and teacher trainer. 
Mindsprings is a thought leader in education. It is engaged in a revolution that aims to get teachers to rethink and reinvent the teaching process to suit Indian child’s needs and aspirations.
We are unique in that we follow aggressively a set of logical thinking premises in formulating strategies based on the nature of the child and his/her natural learning processes. We customize syllabus based on a dynamic process of observation and need. The learning of the child is paramount and our differentiation methods are bold, original and protean. Success is measurable in the competencies, behaviors and attitudes of children to learning.
  • To create critical and creative thinking processes that will revolutionize education in India.
  • To energize teachers to be a part of the teaching – learning process and create value for the child and for the larger fabric of education.
  • To work with the nature of the child and to respect the plurality, the variety and the richness of talent in children.
  • To celebrate their strengths and enhance their emotional confidence.
  • To create resilience, empathy and social skills in children.
  • To connect communities of teachers through digital communication and partake in nation building through teacher training using technology.
We have encoded our thoughts, ideas and philosophy in
a) textbooks using critical thinking and  analytical skills for students
b) programmes for creating lifelong competencies in children
c) academic systems for documentation in schools and
d) professional development workshops for teachers

What is Mindsprings model of teaching and how is it delivered?


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We have started an online creative writing programme for all ages to produce a series in thinking skills for schools.

Academic Consulting

Academic, Co Curricular & Leadership Workshops

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Mindsprings Publishing

These are not just textbooks. They create a one-stop integrated system.

Empowering English -> Grades 1-8

Language With Ease -> Grades 1-7

Writing With Ease

Grammar With Ease

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Mindsprings Programmes

Mindsprings organize several programmes for enrichment of students which will help them grow and increase their knowledge in every field.

Tata Memorial Programme for timeless kids

Online Writing Programme

Creative Writing Class

Enrichment Programme

Grammar Writing Class

about Our Difference

Our Founder

Mrs.Usha Pandit - Author Consultant. Thinking globally, acting locally.

Masters degrees in English and Education.

Certificates in teaching from London and Auckland.

Worked with the Indian, British, NZ and Australian curriculum.

Authored 17 books and trained 1000s of teachers

Speaker. Consultant. Mentor.